Kepler Station LCARS

Character Creation

To join, please create a biography (bio) for your character. This must be an original character which you have put together and not a copy of a recognizable television or movie character. You may use previously created characters as long as they are your own creation. If you are using a character that you have used on a different RPG, we request that you restrict your play to only Kepler for that character to avoid any confusion that may occur from running him in multiple games.

Ranks and Species

As this is a Starfleet run facility, your character will likely be a Starfleet officer. Your character's species should reflect this. If your species is not from an accepted Federation world as of 2352, you must have a very good reason for why they are in Starfleet.

Civilians also make up some of the station’s population. If they are working for Starfleet, they will be required to wear a civilian uniform while on duty. Civilians may also own or work in shops on the station.

There are species which are forbidden for player characters. Please make note of the following list. Exceptions will not be made.

Age and Chronology

Please keep in mind the year this sim is set in is 2352. The Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Encounter at Farpoint” occurs in 2364, twelve years after the setting of this game.

The war with the Cardassians began in 2347 and it is making its way toward Kepler station and the Beloti System.

For Starfleet officers, the minimum age for an ensign is 22-years-old, assuming four years of academy training is completed. The minimum age for a doctor is 26. Cadets are not allowed to train on Kepler Station as it is in a recognized war zone currently.

Enlisted crew must be 18 year or older.

Children are permitted on the station at their parent or guardian’s discretion. Don’t be surprised if people judge your choices.

History, Strengths and Weaknesses, etc…

Please fill these sections in on your bio the best you can. You are allowed to edit your bio in the future as your character is developed further.

For medical staff, you have been, most likely, conscripted from a Starfleet medical facility somewhere nearby in order to help process casualties. At this time, Starfleet is utilizing their own resources (including civilians if the civilian is already in service). Starfleet is not enlisting civilians who are otherwise disinclined to help foster aide to those in need.

Listing out known languages is not necessary. The universal translator (UT) is a reliable form of technology. If a time ever comes where every UT on the station no longer works, the GM will contact you prior to that time in order to discuss your character’s understanding of alien languages.