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Kepler Station is a Presidium class space station located near the Lyshan star system within the Beloti sector of the Alpha Quadrant. Its primary mission, originally, was scientific study and to be a resupply base for ships assigned to exploring the frontier. As the conflict between the Cardassians and the Federation migrates toward the Beloti sector, the station has been repurposed as a surgical center, staffed by medical personnel stripped from other medical departments within the fleet. Science and research still maintain a presence on the station, though in a much smaller capacity than originally planned. Kepler occasionally hosts diplomatic parties and is a temporary refuge for civilians displaced by the conflict.

The border wars began roughly five year ago in 2347. At that time, the skirmishes were concentrated at the opposite side of the Cardassian territory. Kepler station was commissioned in 2350 and fully staffed by 2351. Many of the laboratories have been refitted to concentrate on the medical needs brought forth by the influx of casualties. Many of the original staff have been reassigned off station in order to better serve the medical requirements of the station at this time.

Kepler station is officially designated as a Hospital Unit, offering it the protection against aggression as provided by Interstellar Law and as reiterated by the Seldonis IV Convention.

History of Kepler Station RPG

Kepler Station was started by Sarah Harrison in February 2009. In June of 2011, Sarah decided to retire from gaming and focus on her solo-writing. She handed the reins to Brian McLeod-Young at that time and he did a fantastic job running a multitude of characters until his untimely death in November 2016. May he rest in peace. We carry on in remembrance of Brian.

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