Kepler Station LCARS

Types of Characters

There are several classifications of characters in role playing games and each has certain privileges. Please be familiar with these terms.

Player Characters (PC)

Each player creates their own character to play, and that character remains the sole property of the player who created them. If you are interested in interacting with another PC, please contact the appropriate player to set up a joint post (JP) in order to write together. If a joint post isn't possible and you need to use the other character in your post, please ask for permission first.

You cannot kill another person's PC.

You cannot kill your own PC without permission from the GM first. If you plan to leave or quit the game and your character is essential to the plot, the GM may reserve the right to continue play of your character until such a time as he can be effectively written out of the game.

Protected Non Player Characters (PNPC)

Sometimes, you just need more than one character... PNPCs are similar to PCs in that only one player writes for them. This is considered a secondary character. These characters do not need to meet a minimum posting requirement. They do, however, still need to have a bio filled out and are subject to approval by command.

Command reserves the right to limit creation of PNPCs. At this time, the limit is three. For new players, that limit maybe one or none.

Non Player Characters (NPC)

Non Player Characters are a free-for-all to use. These are the "filler" or background characters of the game. Most often, they're just a name - a lab assistant or the voice over comms saying you've got an incoming message. For the sake of consistency, we'll try to add the names to the roster when we can - but these characters are easy to replace if we forget about their existence.