Kepler Station LCARS

Posting Guidelines

Minimum posting guidelines is twice per month. If you are involved in a joint post where tags to other players are being exchanged, please reply within 48 hours to avoid delays in completing a post. (Sooner is better). If 48 hours has passed without a reply, please try contacting the missing player for a response. However, if poking the missing player yields no results, that character may be written out of the post in order to keep things moving.

There is not a maximum posting limit.

You are encouraged to add responses which move a post forward. Simple “Yes,” answers do not help the other players to create an interesting post. By employing an improvisation technique of answering “Yes, and…” (please, not literally!) you will produce much more exciting results which others will enjoy reading. (Or if the situation warrants: “No, but…” - again, not literally.)

In role playing games, there is the term "God modding.” This involves writing actions or thoughts for player characters that are not your own. Another example of this is having your character know something they have no way of having learned it on their own.

Make sure you aren’t using your out of character (OOC) knowledge to prematurely resolve plots or put your fellow players into uncomfortable situations. Anyone found to be repeatedly abusing their OOC knowledge may be expelled from the game if/when it becomes an issue.

An easy way to avoid this is by finding a way to get the information you need from another character through game play. Or, if involves another character, ask the player’s character if it okay for you to find this information through a computer search or a third-party method.

“God modding” is the reason powerful telepaths are not allowed as player characters in this game.