Kepler Station LCARS

Deck Listing

Upper Dome

The upper dome is the main transportation access for the station and can manage repairs and major system checks on up to two fleet ships at a time. Repair facilities include an engine refit bay, warp dynamic testing lab, reactor maintenance bay, weapons test and calibration facility, sensor testing, electronic maintenance and test facility, transporter calibration, and decontamination and bio bay.

Decks 1-70

Station Body

The main body of the station also contain two sets of modules. The upper modules were previously devoted to science labs and have now been converted into hospital units. There are a total of nine hospital units; two units per module with the ninth unit in the core or body of the station.

The lower modules contain the habitat and dining area for the station’s crew and visitors. Recreational facilities, crew quarters, and guest quarters are also located here. Additional living quarters are found within the body of the station.

Most crew and guest quarters are shared between two occupants, each having their own bedroom but a shared living area. The central area of each module contains a common area with dining and shopping available. The design and layout of the floor plans are similar to what is found in the larger Spacedock stations.

Decks 71-99

Deck 100

Decks 101-106

Decks 107-109

Decks 110-112

Decks 113-120

Decks 121-140

Decks 141-145

Decks 146-156

Decks 157-182

Decks 182-185

Lower Modules

Decks 186-200

Decks 200-210

Lower Dome

The lower dome is dominated by a recreational arboretum. When passing between decks 210 and 215, there is a gravitational reversal which is handled by the transportation system and should not be noticed by most passengers. Civilian operations and transportation are handled here. This dome is similar in design to the Recreational Module found in larger Starfleet Spacedock stations, though on a much smaller scale.

Decks 210-215

Decks 216-280

Arboretum Amenities